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Design Philosophy

AK Interior Design Associates, LLC's design philosophy is based on our guiding principles, or what we call our 3' C's:

Consult * Create * Captivate

  • Consult: Complete client engagement in building a relationship and most importantly listening to and identifying the client's lifestyle, personal tastes and desires for their home. Collaborating with each client to understand their wish list of "requirements" is a key element to incorporating those components into the overall design plan.
  • Create: Developing a detailed design plan, project plan and timeline from the information gathered from the client, allowing us to optimize the current space and bring the client's dream to reality. Drawing and sketching is a major tool in creating and communicating the vision. The concept then can be developed into scaled drawings that are used in the execution process. Scaled Drawings can be drawn by hand or by a drawing program such as AutoCAD. The scaled drawing include; important information such as finish materials, stone or tile callouts, lighting & plumbing locations, and architectural & decorative details. Our design plans are developed with a passion and commitment to getting every detail correct while complementing the client's desires and requirements for their home.
  • Captivate: This is the finished project, a reflection of the clients personality, individualized expression and style captured within the space. We do what we do because of our passion for design, the relationships established with our clients, and having the opportunity to bring their dreams to reality.


Choosing the perfect palate for your home decor is challenging. AK Interior Design Associates, LLC makes it easy for you. We have a great insight for creating the design concept, selecting beautiful materials, colors and fixtures to execute the plan.  We can transform a home by implementing your vision with our versatility in maximizing a design to compliment your living space.

We have long standing relationships with reputable Industry Sources, Architects, Builders and Trade Associates to ensure each project is implemented in a professional manner, on time and within the designated budget.

AK Interior Design Associates, LLC is proud to work on both large and small scale projects, whether it's new construction, a full renovation of a space, changing the color scheme, or rounding out the furnishings at your pace and within your budget. We can work on an hourly rate or provide an estimate to complete a full turn-key project.

When it's all said and done, our goal is to guide the client through a stress free process with solutions that are safe, functional, beautiful and meet the needs of those using the space. Ultimately we want to create fond memories and environments that truly express the client's lifestyle with innovative solutions and timeless designs.

Consult * Create * Captivate