Start brattleboro, VtEnd: manchester, Nh Miles traveled: 79.9, ave. speed (Mph) 17, Max Speed (mph): 58.4, elevation gain:5787 Calories: 4291

Day #49:

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​​8/2/15 Summary Day #49: A few miles outside of our hotel came our final state line crossing, it was New Hampshire. And yes, Alan and young Nick once again sprinted for the state line trophy and we are sad to say that Alan got TROUNCED….Although Nick had a great sprint he was aided by his fresh legs, youth and yes, those young guys don't quite need as much warmup as us old dudes... Well done and well played Nick! Now it was off to meet our friends Tom and Jay in the town of Keene so they could join us for a portion of our ride. the connection point was seamless and away the Texas Train went with the addition of two Yankees... :-) 10 miles in the tandem suffered another flat tire and dropped off the back having to meet the group at the rest stop then off we went again. A new max speed record of 58.4 mph and some fun rotations with everyone, eventually bidding adieu to our buddies Tom and Jay at the cotton mill. Thanks for a great time guys! A few long gradual climbs left and we found ourselves at our final destination and off to lunch for lobster rolls and fried clam strips... you gotta love New England! Tonight is our group banquet and then, God Willing, one last day until we reach our final destination, The Atlantic Ocean!!!!

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