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​​8/1/15 Summary Day #48: Today we officially hit the mountains and crossed into our second to last state... Vermont. The single bikes were excited but the tandem did not quite share the same enthusiasm. We knew what to expect from the hills ahead of us. It was kind of like a pack of lions taking down a Wildebeest! It wasn't pretty but the tandem survived with a respectable average speed and ride time. Now, time for lunch  and the best part of the afternoon, but today served up a special treat. Our Buddy Jay and his brother Tom popped a surprise visit on Alesia & I and caught us completely off guard driving 4 hours and meeting us at the restaurant. We had a great reunion, conversation and dinner that night. And best of all they planned to ride part of the route with us on Sunday. Thanks to their wives, Vio and Sue for giving them a hall pass for a couple of days to visit and play bicycles with us!!! 

Start latha, nyEnd: brattelboro, VT Miles traveled: 81.26, ave. speed (Mph) 16.6, Max Speed (mph): 47.3, elevation gain:6168 Calories: 4347

Day #48: