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​​7/29/15 Summary Day #45: The heat and humidity was extensive today and we were on a mission to meet Craig's mom in Liverpool. Mom was coming up to visit with us and spend the evening at the hotel; so the plan was to cover as much ground as possible before it warmed up too much. We were pleased to find that the first 30 miles of the ride was on a shaded bike path right along the Erie Canal. The scenery, towns  and homes along the path were very pretty. We saw a few boats up and down the canal and even saw a few of the locks. 15 miles in, the paved bike path turned into a cider path but was still shaded so no complaints. Once we popped out of the path there were 40 miles of heat ahead of us. After repairing a flat on the tandem we arrived at "Hiede's Hot Dogs" where mom met us for lunch and had a great time. Back at the hotel we introduced mom to the group, took care of a few daily chores and then mom broke out the goodies... wine, cheese, crackers, fruit and great conversation with everyone. We ate at "Tolley's Sports Bar" and then back to the hotel for home made cheese cake and more story telling. What a great evening. Thanks mom we love you and really appreciate you making the drive up and enjoyed spending time together. 

Start rochester, nyEnd: liverpool, Ny Miles traveled: 93.64, ave. speed (Mph) 17.3, Max Speed (mph): 36.5, elevation gain:2585 Calories: 5047

Day #45: