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​​7/28/15 Summary Day #44: Well... the party may as we reach the point in the trip that we bid adieu to the long straight roads and perpetual tailwinds in trade for curvy country roads, the hills and mild headwinds of New York State and Vermont. Record high temperatures today and the humidity was high, but it was still better riding in the rain! Our group made good time of the 89 miles of terrain arriving at our destination before it got too terribly hot. We had a very nice lunch at a restaurant named "Phillips European", then off to do some laundry, have our Ride Update Meeting and then to dinner. Tomorrow Craig's mom is coming to visit us in Liverpool, NY and we are very excited to see her and spend some time together. Thanks for making the trip mom, we love you and will see you on Wednesday!

Start niagara falls, nyEnd: rochester, Ny Miles traveled: 89.77, ave. speed (Mph) 18.9, Max Speed (mph): 39.7, elevation gain:2044 Calories: 5341

Day #44: