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​​7/26/15 Summary Day #42: Another beautiful morning as we rolled out of the hotel parking lot looking forward to getting our feet back on American soil. The skies were blue, temperatures were grand and the wind was once again at our backs as we are starting to see the terrain change to slightly more aggressive rolling hills with curves in the road. We passed through farmlands, pretty country roads and into some tree lined back roads. As we drew closer to the falls we saw the old drawbridge and more and more power grids tapping the energy from the Niagara. We came around a corner, crested a hill and right before us in all its majestic bueaty stood the falls! Wow, what a way to see them. After spending some time enjoying the fruits of our labor it was off to lunch at one of the many restaurants, through customs and then off to check in at the hotel. We were pleasant surprised that when handed our room key we were also handed two packages (both from Mama Char... And that could only mean GOOD Things, Pistachio Cookies and Peanut Butter Chocolate Sheet Cake! Heaven on earth!). We had a nice dinner out with group and then off to see the fireworks at the falls and oh what show. Tomorrow is a rest day for us to walk around and explore the area.

Start Brantford, ONTARIO CanadaEnd: niagara falls, Ny Miles traveled: 70.79, ave. speed (Mph) 17.9, Max Speed (mph): 36.5elevation gain: 555 Calories: 3941

Day #42: