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​​7/24/15 Summary Day #40: This morning we crossed over the bridge from Port Huron, MI entering into Canada. It was a very formal process lining everyone up, having authorities shut down traffic on our side of the bridge, riding up and over it as a group (dismounting and walking over the connection grids so wheels would not get caught), proceeding through customs and oh yeah, no pictures allowed so as not to slow things down, the ride leaders took care of the pictures for us. Once in Canada the road surfaces were very nice with fairly flat/gentle rolling hills and mild headwinds. Our group worked nicely together enjoying the scenery and open farmland. Once arriving at our destination we unloaded the luggage from the vans had lunch wrapped up the day. Tomorrow is a short day and looking forward to only 69 miles.

Start port huron,miEnd: London, ontario canada, Miles traveled: 81.43, ave. speed (Mph) 18.1, Max Speed (mph): 32.9, elevation gain:770 Calories: 4684

Day #40: